Erasmus+ courses


Courses starting during November 2017October  December
Eekhout Academy Teaching Tomorrow more - register 05/11/17-10/11/17
IDEC Innovative Teaching Methods more - register 06/11/17-10/11/17
Progetto Crescere Active training. Step by step to be an active trainer or teacher more - register 06/11/17-10/11/17
Progetto Crescere Three golden steps to create effective training courses more - register 06/11/17-10/11/17
CervantesTraining Spain Let’s make our school more international:European Project Planning, Design, Management and Funding under Erasmus+11-17Nov 2017 more - register 11/11/17-17/11/17
Euneos How to make your school more international? more - register 12/11/17-18/11/17
Primera courses Stress management in schools more - register 12/11/17-18/11/17
IDEC ICT in Education more - register 13/11/17-17/11/17
Progetto Crescere Social Communication in school Methodologies and techniques to work with parents and involve them in school and educational contests more - register 13/11/17-17/11/17
Chain Las Otras Orillas more - register 17/11/17-25/11/17
Primera courses Students in Action: Building Empowering Learning Communities more - register 19/11/17-25/11/17
IDEC Evaluation and Quality Assurance in education and training more - register 20/11/17-24/11/17
IDEC European Qualification Framework and ECVET more - register 27/11/17-01/12/17
Progetto Crescere Special Needs and Autism: how to deal with them? Theoretical and practical experiences more - register 27/11/17-01/12/17
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