Erasmus+ courses


euList is a consortium of Erasmus+ course providers with a long-standing experience developing successful EU in-service training courses. The general profile of their course programmes can be defined by quality criteria:

  • Content is always related to themes relevant from a general European perspective (European dimension)
  • Trainers as well as course participants are from various nationalities and backgrounds.
  • Methods used in key words: active, outdoor, creative, innovative, learning by doing, working towards concrete end-products, cross-curricular, experimental, alternative and inclusive. In short: seldom only in a class room and never a dull moment.
  • The use of advance ICT techniques, during the (1) preparation phase, (2) the actual course period and (3) afterwards during the evaluation, dissemination and follow-up phases.
  • A strong CLIL element may be present by actively combining content with language activities.
  • Integrating content with professional and/or artistic forms of expression.
  • Permanent feedback via systematic evaluation of each course programme.
  • Where relevant, courses are ECTS certificated.
  • In principle courses are the outcome of a general, centralised European development project.
  • euList: eu ist with the Learner central, Capital and active/moving (italic).

Collaboration and partners
The consortium is open to collaboration with course providers with a convincing track record and course programme. Schools/institutes are welcome to join as affiliated partners: contact

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